Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Kremesa B120 cosmo balls for sale

Kremesa B120 cosmo balls double unit. This is a amazing effect. New oldstock motor, balls and motor. Does not come with bulbs. Each ball uses 20 par 36 bulbs. Comes with directions to wire the unit. 110v unit.
 Message me (email in profile)  to get pricing and shipping details.

Coemar CR-18 helicopter lighting effect for sale

This is a new old stock effect it has been loaded with bulbs and run a bit in my studio and for a few small events. This unit will come with bulbs. It is a 110v unit. Message me for pricing and shipping options. Great effect for a center piece look at a more budget price.


Coemar Ragna 2 For Sale

 Coemar Ragna 2 for sale. Very rare Coemar lighting effect (I currently only know of one other unit like this. This unit is new old stock. It has a very large heavy transformer as well. The effect is 110v unit. It uses a a no longer made bulb. It will need to be modified to use a SN550 bulb. It is pretty simple to do. The housing that holds the bulb just needs to be raised about 3/4" in height. Prefer local pick up as this is a very large heavy effect but will crate and ship if needed as well. Send me a message if interested to find out price and shipping options if needed.

Kremesa B60 for sale

 Kremesa B6o new old stock for sale. Message me (email in profile) for pricing and shipping ability. I am able to crate and ship this if needed. I do have two of these available. 3/21/2023 If I don't update as sold it is still available.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Clay Paky Astroraggi

For sale 2 available.  Unpacking more vintage lights this weekend. We have two Clay Paky Astroraggi "Power" available for purchase. Just send me a email to djzerowes@gmail.com (They are located in California in the USA but can be packed to ship anywhere in the world. Please note these units are DMX control and 220V rated power. Still available

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Vintage disco and club lighting for sale

 I have been very busy and have not given the blog much attention in a good amount of time. I will begin to post effects both vintage new old stock and used units very soon. I will be selling of a good number of pieces from my collection. All lights will be crated prior to shipping them. I will try and take a number of photos and a video if possible and get them posted along with terms of sale for each light. If you have questions you may email me at djzerowes@gmail.com